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Simon Dilhas
Co-Founder & CEO

Simon Dilhas (Dipl. Ing.) Simon is an architect by training with 15 years of international experience as an architect, client representative, and project manager for large-scale building projects. Working for an innovative modular building company, he was responsible for digital innovation programs and complex building projects. At abstract, he is the “visionary,” acts as CEO.

Nana Khomarloo
Customer Relationship Manager

Nana Khomarloo (J.D.) Coming from a legal, educational background and profession, she soon found her true professional calling in marketing and business development strategies. By aligning digital marketing activities and personally cultivating client relations, she creates a fresh approach to fostering prospects' and clients relationships. At abstract, she is driving the customer-facing initiatives.

Ralph Bärtschi
Co-Founder & Programmer

A physicist and mathematician with long-time experience in software development and the direct control of computer-controlled machines for fabrication, Ralph has profound knowledge in digital signal processing, geometric algorithms, and numerical methodologies. At abstract, he is the “technological wizard” and develops our complex and unique geometric algorithms.

abstract's mission

We provide automated services to harmonize data between Architects, Engineers, and Construction Companies to build the best possible buildings in terms of cost, comfort and sustainability.

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Seek simplicity

Leonardo Da Vinci already said that simplicity is the highest level of perfection.

Connect People & Knowledge

Our world is too complex for one person to understand. To solve problems we work together.

Increase economic & ecological value

Using the rules of economics to improve our quality of life.